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ScanLang - Scandinavian Languages, Technology, Business Development

We translate your German and English documents into Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian

If you are looking for translations into Scandinavian languages, look no further! ScanLang is short for Scandinavian Languages and has been carrying out translation projects for 16 years. We translate contracts, websites, manuals and marketing material from German and English into Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian and vice-versa. We specialise in Scandinavia and the German-speaking countries. We work both for other translation agencies and directly for end customers in business and public administration. Our translation team is made up of five native speakers of Scandinavian languages. All five have a degree in linguistics or translation studies and many years of experience as translators. We focus on making the Scandinavian countries and culture accessible to our German-speaking clients. This concept is unique in Austria.

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Scandinavian tools for customer and employee communication

We help our customers improve their communication through the use of new tools. ScanLang specialises in selling innovative Scandinavian employee and customer dialogue solutions.

We are the official Austrian distributor for HappyOrNot®, the world’s leading system for improving customer and employee satisfaction.

We distribute the system Eliademy for Business, an e-learning tool for training customers, employees and partners, in Austria and Switzerland. This hands-on tool allows our clients to easily disseminate new content to their target group and keep it accessible for others.

Companies that improve their communication with employees and clients gain a competitive edge. Our tools allow our clients to receive or disseminate crucial information in a fully or partially automated manner, systematically increasing their contact rate with customers and employees and receiving continuous feedback and evaluations.

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