Your translation agency for Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian translations

ScanLang GmbH has more than 22 years of experience in managing translation projects. We are located in Vienna, Austria and specialise in translating from Scandinavian languages (Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian) into German and English and vice versa as well as in English-German-English.

We do not merely translate individual words, but rather the ideas and meaning of your text. Our many years of experience in translating technical, medical, legal and marketing texts helps us get your message across.

Familiarity with Scandinavian and German-speaking markets

Your marketing materials may need to be adapted to the social, cultural and economic characteristics of the target market. We are familiar with several Scandinavian and German-speaking markets (including Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and can localise your marketing materials for you.

Translation from English and German to Finnish and Finnish to English and German

We work with four Finnish translators to provide translations of texts for German-speaking and Finnish businesses. Over the years, we have gained in-depth knowledge in areas such as environmental technologies or wood processing. We also frequently translate legal texts and offer certified legal translations.

Certified translations

We provide certified translations in the language pairs German-Finnish-German and Norwegian-Finnish-Norwegian.

This is how to obtain a certified translation:

1. Contact us by e-mail thereby specifying:

a) from what language into which language translation should be performed (for example, German to Finnish)

b) the type of document (e.g. marketing brochure) and

c) what deadline you require the translation by. We will discuss with you if the original document is required for the translation or if it can be performed by submitting a copy, as well as when we can deliver the translation to you.

2. Send us your document. If the original document should be translated, we need the original document. If, in your case, a translation of a copy will suffice, you can also send the document by e-mail.

3. Your document will be translated into the desired language. The attestation clause as well as the stamp and the signature of the sworn translator. The translated text only becomes a certified translation due to this.

4. You will receive your completed translation via registered post.

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