We have worked in the following fields:



  • Tourism sector: Hotel websites, presentations, folders  – for example for the town of Loviisa in Finland (in cooperation with Peak Press), Region Koli (German website)
  • Energy sector: Biomass plants – for example manufactured by Polytechnik Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH
  • EU: Project reports and presentations within the scope of various EU-projects
  • Technology: User manuals for household appliancies, industrial plants, small devices, wood processing machinery, declarations of conformity
  • Legislation: General Terms and Conditions of businesses, contracts, court documents, defense pleas, and other reports, trademark applications, legal texts
  • Public welfare: life-long learning, youth work
  • Marketing: Catalogues, press releases, product descriptions
  • Medical sector: Medical  consumer devices
  • Certificates, diplomas, official confirmations, clinical assessments


Interpreting for

  •   Courts
  •   Police authorities
  •   Government, ministries
  •   Municipal authorities
  •   Companies