ScanLang Team

Mag. Katja JääskeläinenKatja Jääskeläinen


Managing Partner

Born in Vantaa, Finland, Katja moved to Austria immediately after graduating with distinction from upper secondary school. She holds master’s degree in German philology and in linguistics from Salzburg University. Since 2000, she has been working as a self-employed translator and interpreter for Finnish and German. She has worked for the EU Commission in Brussels and for the Directorate-General for Translation in Luxembourg. Having worked for more than 18 years on many different translation and interpreting projects for B2B and B2G customers, she has ample experience in the fields of technical and legal translations and interpreting.

Katja is certified translator for German-Finnish-German.

Mag. Franz Michael BauerFranz Michael Bauer


Managing Partner

Franz is responsible for sales management, marketing and controlling at ScanLang GmbH. He also acts as a sales agent who negotiates orders for Scandinavian vendors selling on the German-speaking markets.

Franz has more than 20 years of experience in successfully developing business with direct commercial consumers and distributors. He worked for Samsung Electronics Austria GmbH for nine years, where he headed a team of managers that contributed significantly to the company’s outstanding success in Austria. In March 2014 Franz made his dream of entrepreneurship come true, and became the cofounder of ScanLang private limited company. In March 2014, he finally realized his long-time dream of becoming an entrepreneur by co-founding Scanlang GmbH.

Franz graduated in business studies from Johannes Kepler University Linz with a particular focus on industrial marketing, sale of services and business English.